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Summary: It's the study group's sixth year at Greendale, and Jeff's in love with Annie. Too bad she doesn't know that. Yet.
Spoilers: If you've watched through s5, nothing should be spoiled for you.
Word Count: 11,865
Rating/Warnings: No sexytimes in this one. Sorry, lovelies.
Disclaimer: These character's belong to Dan Harmon, etc., etc. I simply enjoy manipulating them.
Author's Note: Many thanks to my wonderful beta, bethanyactually. Working with her makes my day brighter. The title comes from a Four Star Mary song called "She Knows."

Ta-da! Over 11,800 words! I'm terribly sorry this took so long, but I think you're going to like it. There are only two chapters left in this story (I'm going to miss it so much), but I also have some holiday J/A fics planned. So the next chapter will be delayed a bit. Enjoy!

LiveJournal won't let me post this all at once, so this is part one. Read part two here.

[Part 3c] [Part 3d]

Annie doesn’t even realize what she’s admitting to when she offers her room to Troy till after it’s out of her mouth, till she’s unable to take it back.

“Oh god.” She feels her chest constrict, and she lets her face fall into her hands so she doesn’t have to look at the expression on Jeff’s face. (Although, that doesn't stop the mental picture of him looking crestfallen and betrayed from taunting her.) “I was going to tell you,” she says after a moment.

It sounds lame even though it’s true. She’d already made a dinner reservation for them that coming Wednesday, and she’d been working on her speech since they’d started dating. There was a plan, with nuance and snuggles and binging on Jeff's favorite ice cream after sex.

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23rd-Nov-2015 10:56 am - Fic: Here This Whole Time (40/40)
Title: Here This Whole Time
Author: me
Pairing: Jeff/Annie, limited Troy/Britta
Spoilers: 3.22
Rating: T
Warning None
Word Count: ~120,000

I posted a link to this back when it was still in progress; here is a link to the completed fic. An alternative fourth season that gleefully ignores s4-s6 canon. Available in two places!


20th-Nov-2015 08:05 am - How to Be Single Trailer Released
Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

Alison Brie's new movie. Maybe she'll be in it for more than the trailer indicates.

Honestly, I'm not feeling it. I laughed once during the trailer. It's also kind of long for a trailer, so I'm thinking it's one of those comedies where they crammed "all the funny bits" in it to hide how not-funny the movie will be.
9th-Nov-2015 11:09 pm - Another Jeff/Annie tribute video
Hello everyone Conas atá tú?(Irish for how are you)
Anyway I noticed there was a lack of posting on here which is understandable considering we've talked about J/A from every possible viewpoint we can imagine. So I decided to make this J/A video to fill up the news feed. I know you're probably tired of me putting up videos, I promise this is my last one... probably...maybe...
Anyway I know there is a few problems in the way clips are in order with the music
Criticism is welcome.... well not too much I do have feelings after all.

Song is War Paint by Kelly Clarkson

Title: You Forgave, and I Won't Forget
Author: cgkm2099z
Pairing: Jeff/Annie
Spoilers: 6.02
Rating: PG
Warning None
Word Count: 7,960
Disclaimer: I do not own Community. Community, and its characters, are the creation of the great Dan Harmon. I think it's still owned by Sony Pictures Television, but after the hack, I'm not so sure. The title is from the song "I Will Wait" by Mumford and Sons.

Link to fic: http://cgkm2099z.livejournal.com/5430.html
30th-Oct-2015 11:46 pm - Ficcy Friday - mea culpa
Hey, everyone, look!  It's the return of Ficcy Friday...  I post this with a big ol' mea culpa attached.  October has handed my ass to me over and over again.  From a cold taking me out for a week to working late to...  Anyway.  It's been a rough month.  So you have my sincerest apologies for not posting a Ficcy Friday and the promise to try to do better in the coming months.

In the interest of encouraging participation and apologising, I will also be hosting a special Hallowe'en event tomorrow, so save your scary prompts for that post!  (Basically, it'll be a Hallowe'en themed post and I will try to answer prompts with drabbles!)

Your weekly songspiration: Proclaimers - 500 Miles
Summary: Annie goes all out in an attempt to convince Jeff celebrating holidays is fun. Post-series one-shot based on the prompt "I need 50 more."
Spoilers: It's set a couple years after the series finale, so not really.
Word Count: 4,015
Rating/Warnings: Recommended for general audiences who enjoy spooky-wooky fluff.
Disclaimer: These character's belong to Dan Harmon, etc., etc. I simply enjoy manipulating them.
Author's Note: A heartfelt thanks to my beta, bethanyactually, who helped turn this story into something sweet; she certainly is a treat! (Please forgive me.) I also must thank pepperf for prompting me!

The title of this fic comes from a passage from the novel Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. It's all indulgent, Halloween-themed fluff from here, folks. Enjoy!

It all started the June after they moved in together, when Jeff made the mistake of saying he wasn't that into holidays and didn't want to decorate the apartment after Annie brought up the subject of the fourth of July.

"What does that even mean?" Annie's eyes had gone all wide and wounded.

"What do you mean, what does that mean?" Jeff had said. "I just don't get why people make a big deal out of them. Once you're past age 12, they're just days on the calendar. You learn that all the excitement and magic was in your head."

"Challenge accepted."

"What? No. I am not challenging you, Annie. I learned not to do that a long time ago."

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