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30th-May-2015 06:05 am - Fic: Ship To Wreck (1/?)

Title: Ship To Wreck
Author: msharleysquinn
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own Community or these characters
Summary: Jeff has a drinking problem. Annie realizes it's time she had a problem with that.

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29th-May-2015 06:14 pm - beta request
Hello All. I'm asking for help on a story of mine. I've been working on a AU story off and on called 'Years in the Making', where Jeff and Annie grow up together as children. I just finished writing a section of the story and my usual beta reader is unable to look it over at the moment. I wanted to know if anyone would be able to look it over and give back notes on it. Preferably someone who's good as catching grammatical mistakes and is good with characterization. Fair warning, it's about 20 pages long, with the intention that it will be broken up into 3 or 4 chapters when it's posted. Please private message me if you are willing to look it over. Any help to improve my writing would be greatly appreciated.
Author: cori_the_bloody
Summary: It's the study group's sixth year at Greendale, and Jeff's in love with Annie. Too bad she doesn't know that. Yet.
Spoilers: If you've watched through s5, nothing should be spoiled for you.
Word Count: 6,260
Rating/Warnings: This chapter is PG-13, but the story will contain plenty of sex, drugs, and alcohol. Use personal discretion.
Disclaimer: These character's belong to Dan Harmon, etc., etc. I simply enjoy manipulating them.
Author's Note: First and foremost, thank you to my patient, skilled, and delightful beta: bethanyactually. The title for this story comes from a Four Star Mary song called "She Knows." I hope you enjoy.

It's been nearly two months since Jeff's seen Annie. She spent six weeks of her summer at some renowned forensics program in northern California, and he's been busy teaching summer classes at Greendale. They made a few plans to get together once she was back, but one of them had to cancel every time on account of papers to grade or babysitting emergencies and shifts at new jobs.

So, yeah, he's a little nervous.

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And I was doing so well! *sigh* I'm behind two episodes but I know enough to be aware that some in the comm are unhappy right now - take heart, my pretties! Let's fic and prompt and vid and gif our sorrows and joys!

Besides, there are always AUs and fanon :)

P.S. I'll fix the formatting and add songspiration later.
Title: Something There Is That Doesn't Love A Wall (1/2)
Author: Pepper
Fandom(s): Community
Pairing: Annie Edison/Jeff Winger
Wordcount: 10,951
Rating: R
Warnings: Swearing, sex, alcohol, drugs, violence – all the fun stuff.
Also archived: On AO3 here
Disclaimer: Community isn't mine, which is probably good, I'd only do silly things like this with it.
Summary: Jeff has a new neighbor, and she's really, really annoying.
Notes: Neighbors AU, partially inspired by a few of these prompts: AUs for when your OTP are both assholes.

I've kind of mentally narrowed the age gap to approximately the actors' real ages, because this is my AU and I can do what I like so :P


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B99!Amy Purple

6.12 "Wedding Videography"
Watch Here

6x13 Sneak Peek

No bashing of other characters, ships, fans, or actors. Just be nice to each other.
Title: All I Ever Wanted (Was The Feel of You in my Arms) 1/1
Author: loveobsessed999
Summary: Jeff loves Annie. This ends well.
Spoilers: Through Season 6.
Rating/Warnings: T
Word Count: 1,315
Disclaimer: It's not mine, it's Dan Harmon's.

Short, sappy, with a lil bit of angst over here. Let me know what you think!!
23rd-May-2015 12:37 am - fic: The First is the Worst
Title: The First is the Worst
Author: Supercapo
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,084
Summary: Jeff and Annie recover from a disasterous first date.
Author Notes: There has a been a lot of negativity on the J/A front (which to be fair I've contributed to) so I guess part of me just wanted to write something that apparently is one of the most angsty yet sacchrine things I've produced. Enjoy! Or don't. Up to you. I won't judge.

Abed wrapped another blanket around her. This might have been sweet but it was also the seventh blanket he"d piled onto her. She also had a collection of hot chocolate"s sitting on the floor, each waiting to be drunk.Collapse )
22nd-May-2015 01:15 pm - Fic: Post "Post Apocalyptic" Therapy
Title: Post "Post Apocalyptic" Therapy
Author: loveobsessed999
Summary: After Paintball, the Core Four have a chat.
Spoilers: Up to and through Modern Espionage.
Rating/Warnings: General
Word Count: 699
Disclaimer: It's not mine, it's Dan Harmon's.

I figured I'd link this here.
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