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4th-Sep-2015 12:11 am - J/A Fan vid
Hello fellow Human Beings I'm sure you're sick of my videos popping up here, but here's one more. I tried to make this focus on the more funner side of the J/A relationship and focus a bit on the funnier side Jeff and Annie as individuals. But for some reason I'm not that happy with how it ended up and wanted your opinions on it, bad and good(If there is any)

Also thanks to loveobsessed999 for suggesting Sony Movie Studio Platinum it really helped

From the Yahoo Communitary episode is this portion of Dan Harmon's commentary as he discusses writing the goodbye kiss scene between Jeff and Annie in the finale:

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"Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television" commentary

Communitary episodes
2nd-Sep-2015 10:44 am - I didn't want to do this, but...
Hello lovely readers: I have bad news. Life has been pretty stressful lately and I am nowhere near done with the next chapter of Just Until. I really don't want to postpone posting another full week, so I'm aiming to have something up on Sunday or Monday.

Thank you for always being so understanding and excited to read more of my work.

Speaking of, you can check out this thing to tide you over until I get my butt in gear.

I love you guys!


28th-Aug-2015 11:47 pm - Ficcy Friday (just under the wire!)

Woot, in just on time! What would people think about another fic rec post? A fanworks clutch? A kink meme? A Drabble challenge? Let me know in the comments!

Your weekly songspiration: Sam Cooke - You Send Me
22nd-Aug-2015 12:26 pm - Well That Was Unexpected (1/?)
Summary: Post S5 Au where Jeff is in love with Annie but someone else in now in the picture then some slight crazy happens.
Spoilers: If you've watched up to the end of S5 then there should be no spoilers for you.
Rating: Only talk about sex but no smut included, yet.
Word count: 2,138
Disclaimer: I own nothing from this awesome show.
A/N: I Just want to say a huge thanks to cgkm2099z for beta reading this and helping improve it where it needed improving and for just being awesome.

This is my first time posting a fic to L/J so hopefully I've done everything right but let me know if I've made any mistakes.

Here's the link to the story hope you all enjoy :D

Title: Surviving Living Arrangements 101
Author: loveobsessed999
Summary: In the middle of 605, Jeff and Annie have an emergency “My roommate/neighbor is being annoying, please help!!!” meeting.
Spoilers: 605
Rating/Warnings: T
Word Count: 551
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

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