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Just thought our comm would be interested. It’s currently on sale on Amazon for about fifty bucks for preorder. Not sure if it will have all the extras but regardless I look forward to having this show, which was broadcast in HD, now to watch whenever I want in HD.

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

Summary:  Sometimes she feels like there’s a part of her trapped in amber. It’s like she’s the perpetual teeny-bopper-with-a-crush, even though her reflection in the glass tells her that she should be beyond that by now. (Annie with a splash of assorted others throughout all of season six)

Author’s Note:  Part of the “Distant Voices” series. This is mostly a series of loosely collected short Jeff/Annie stories. Posted not necessarily in chronological order, hence the month and year in the titles.

This story is positioned in third place out of the five stories posted so far.

Click on the “Distant Voices” series link to access all of the stories.

Three chapters of the story have been posted so far.
Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory
Alison Brie did a TVLine podcast with Mike Ausiello about GLOW. Auseillo, being Auseillo, of course asked about Community.

Here's what she had to say that was Community-specific:

paraphrased from some extensive discussion) Brie pretty much admitted that the reason why she didn't take any pilots before GLOW was because she's being offered pretty much "Annie as an adult" roles in sitcoms. Since she was finding herself starting to get typecast as the "cute, funny Type A personality" she wasn't interested. Also, she was up for another role at the same time she was trying to get GLOW, one that, based on the discussion in the podcast, was pretty much a lock, but she turned it down in favor of pursuing her GLOW long-shot.

(direct quote from roughly 17:00) I've just been really very lucky because we had this amazing chemistry with Community cast. I feel like that was just such a fun family and everybody's senses of humor clicked in a really amazing way. And with GLOW I feel the same with Betty and with Mark in that we have great chemistry with each other and you can't fake that.

(direct quote from roughly 32:30) I hate to say it. I would not bet on there being a Community movie any time soon. I hate to say it. I feel like we all try to play really coy like it might happen. [Mike:  Why would you say no?] First of all, I feel like the chance that we would get Donald to be a part of the movie...[Mike:That window is closing!] (laughter) It just got slammed shut! Recently! And I feel like there's no movie without Troy, like Troy and Abed and that whole chemistry and relationship. And also there's just no sign of it. Like, I'm just mostly saying it because I don't hear any rumblings about it. I feel like, not to put any pressure on any one person...[Mike: Dan Harmon] It would be Dan that would sort of have to write a script and kind of like get it going and I don't know...I'm not sure if he's even interested in doing that or what.

Honestly, I'm not tremendously surprised by any of this.

The interview is 35 minutes if you want to give it a listen.

Link to the interview:  http://tvline.com/2018/06/01/alison-brie-podcast-interview-glow-nudity-hair-perm/
Hey folks, been quiet around here lately, so thought I'd post a fic. :) This is chapter one of a post-S4 AU where Jeff doesn't go back to Greendale. Wanted to explore a universe where Jeff isn't all depressed. Also Pierce doesn't die and Troy doesn't leave. Hope you enjoy!

Link to fic
23rd-Jan-2018 04:23 pm - New Community podcast

Just wanted to let you guys know there’s a new podcast about the show called Fundamentals of Community Podcasting. I know it’s on iTunes and YouTube; not sure where else. This is the link to their website. Their stated goal is evidently to watch every episode (which they are already huge fans) and do a podcast per ep, every other Thursday.

Good luck to them!
Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory
It's been awhile since I've posted any fic announcements here, and I'm not sure which one of these stories I've posted here and which ones I haven't.


Here it is:

Fic Series: Distant Voices
Author:  Lizbeth Marcs
Summary: Snapshots of Jeff and Annie as they figure out who are and what they want.

Author's Note:  Individual stories, most of them stand-alones, starting with mid-S4, but mostly concentrated around S6 and the summer post-S6. Somewhat J/A, but of the UST, struggling kind. Character studies, some melancholy, but with a sense of humor.

Status: Currently four stories. There will be more. I'm working through them slowly and as inspiration strikes.
17th-Jan-2018 05:53 am - Community poll
It’s short. Nothing terribly surprising happening here. Jeff and Annie, by far, the most popular romantic pairing with Jeff/Britta coming in a ways down the poll with just a sliver of a percentage of the vote.

13th-Jan-2018 07:05 am - Thoughts on Dan’s apology to Ganz
Now that it appears that Dan’s firing from the show was completely of his own doing due to his harrassment of Megan Ganz, does anyone have any thoughts on this? I think the entire fan base had been operating on the assumption that NBC just wanted him gone due to difficulty dealing with him over creative decisions and held renewal over Sony’s head until they (Sony) capitulated and fired him.

Instead it was just Dan’s own bullshit that got him fired and in essence ruined the show. I mean there’s been little disagreement all along that his removal caused the show’s massive drop in quality.

In all honesty I think this gives Dan much less license to complain about the much maligned fourth season. Oh you didn’t like it Dan? Well tough fucking shit! Maybe try not being a sexually harassing asshole and getting yourself fired.

I’ll always be grateful to Dan for giving us Community despite my pretty much always having known that he was a bit of a prick, but my opinion of him has dropped even further in light of this recent admission. I know he apologized and she accepted but still....most of the blame for fucking up the show has to be laid at his feet.

15th-Nov-2017 11:20 pm - From a certain point of view...
Robot Devil
So the actor who played Rich did a commercial for Buick for the holidays.

Watch it, then think of Rich, and it gets a bit darker and much more amusing.

(Or at least the darker perception of his character.)
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