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23rd-Jan-2018 04:23 pm - New Community podcast

Just wanted to let you guys know there’s a new podcast about the show called Fundamentals of Community Podcasting. I know it’s on iTunes and YouTube; not sure where else. This is the link to their website. Their stated goal is evidently to watch every episode (which they are already huge fans) and do a podcast per ep, every other Thursday.

Good luck to them!
Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory
It's been awhile since I've posted any fic announcements here, and I'm not sure which one of these stories I've posted here and which ones I haven't.


Here it is:

Fic Series: Distant Voices
Author:  Lizbeth Marcs
Summary: Snapshots of Jeff and Annie as they figure out who are and what they want.

Author's Note:  Individual stories, most of them stand-alones, starting with mid-S4, but mostly concentrated around S6 and the summer post-S6. Somewhat J/A, but of the UST, struggling kind. Character studies, some melancholy, but with a sense of humor.

Status: Currently four stories. There will be more. I'm working through them slowly and as inspiration strikes.
17th-Jan-2018 05:53 am - Community poll
It’s short. Nothing terribly surprising happening here. Jeff and Annie, by far, the most popular romantic pairing with Jeff/Britta coming in a ways down the poll with just a sliver of a percentage of the vote.

13th-Jan-2018 07:05 am - Thoughts on Dan’s apology to Ganz
Now that it appears that Dan’s firing from the show was completely of his own doing due to his harrassment of Megan Ganz, does anyone have any thoughts on this? I think the entire fan base had been operating on the assumption that NBC just wanted him gone due to difficulty dealing with him over creative decisions and held renewal over Sony’s head until they (Sony) capitulated and fired him.

Instead it was just Dan’s own bullshit that got him fired and in essence ruined the show. I mean there’s been little disagreement all along that his removal caused the show’s massive drop in quality.

In all honesty I think this gives Dan much less license to complain about the much maligned fourth season. Oh you didn’t like it Dan? Well tough fucking shit! Maybe try not being a sexually harassing asshole and getting yourself fired.

I’ll always be grateful to Dan for giving us Community despite my pretty much always having known that he was a bit of a prick, but my opinion of him has dropped even further in light of this recent admission. I know he apologized and she accepted but still....most of the blame for fucking up the show has to be laid at his feet.

15th-Nov-2017 11:20 pm - From a certain point of view...
Robot Devil
So the actor who played Rich did a commercial for Buick for the holidays.

Watch it, then think of Rich, and it gets a bit darker and much more amusing.

(Or at least the darker perception of his character.)
Howdy all! I've been working on this for a while, and finally got around to finishing it. My own little imaginings on what could've gone down during that week in between Jeff and Annie's kiss in the study room and the scene at the airport. Hope you like it!

Link to fic
17th-Sep-2017 02:55 pm - Anybody active anymore?
I'd hate to see this comm go dark but I guess there really isn't much to talk about anymore. Danny was on a recent ep of Larry King and was asked about a movie....his answer was typical of the cast: oh yeah we all wanna do it, I think Dan's in a good space to do it, it may be closer than it's ever been, yada.... we shall see.

Anyway, I'm still up for a rewatch at some point but I guess someone will have to take the lead on that.
13th-Aug-2017 08:22 pm - Annie's ACB Notebook
Round two of the Community Props I won. This one is Annie's ACB notebook from Basic Intergluteal Numismatics. Included with each of the hand written pages is a transcript of the text in case you can't or don't want to zoom in to read it yourself. I'll post some thoughts about what Annie wrote in the comments.

Again, fair warning that pics are large and may load slowly.
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12th-Aug-2017 02:25 pm - Annie's Wedding Idea Scrapbook
Hey everyone! The items I won from the Community prop auction finally arrived about a week and a half ago, and now I'm finally able to post some pictures. I'll start with the easy one, Annie's Wedding Idea Scrapbook from Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts. She's sentimental and stuff :-)

Warning: Picture files are large, so they may display slowly.
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