I just finished Community. I have mixed feelings about the finale.

As you might guess by my presence here, I am a fan of Jeff and Annie's relationship. And going into the finale, I was hoping they would turn it into just that, a real relationship. Ever since the Season 5 finale, which shut the door on JeffxBritta, had Abed tell Annie to fight for what she wants (Jeff), and Jeff literally save the group thanks to his feelings for Annie, it seemed like it was heading in that direction. But then it didn't.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still happy they kissed, and what we did get was better than a "nope, never gonna happen", but ultimately it felt ambiguous, which lends to a lack of closure. It seemed like finale’s answer to the Jeff-Annie question was “Maybe in the future”. But does that mean maybe in the future in a few months when Annie’s internship is over, or does it mean maybe in the future in a few years once she's grown up more? Hell, to me it seems there’s even a coherent way to interpret the events of the finale to suggest that Jeff and Annie actually *did* start a relationship off screen in the days between their kiss and her departure from the airport. But it doesn’t seem like most people think this is the case so it’s probably just wishful thinking. In case anyone is curious, that latter interpretation (that a relationship started off screen) is based on the following observations:

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Looking for a fic

I don't know how many people still check this group, but I'm really hoping for some help looking for a fic. I've been looking for it for a long time now but I can't even remember the title, so I can't be sure if maybe it's been deleted/the writer's livejournal was disabled, or if I'm just not looking in the right places.

It was an Annie-centric story with a Jeff/Annie slant about Annie relapsing. I know there are a few stories like that, and while I can't remember a lot of specific details, one I do remember is that Annie had a box she kept under her bed with reminders of her addiction in there, including a partially full bottle of pills. I'm pretty sure it was a oneshot (but a long one). I can't remember exactly when it was written, but I know it was written some time during the first three seasons.

If anyone remembers this fic and can point me in the right direction with a link, or even just the title or the author (or a "it's not online anymore" so I can stop trying to find it if that is the case), I would be super, super appreciative.

Community Table read Discussion?

Anyone want to discuss? I Loved watching this- so much nostalgia <3 one part i found interesting was the part where they confess stuff about each other- in the actual episode Shirley says Annie calls Jeff uncle... I remember a lot of us were outraged. The original script apparently said Annie had a secret copy of Jeff's apartment keys? Hmmm...

Community Cast to Reunite for Virtual Table Read and Fan Q&A Reunion


The episode will be "Cooperative Polygraphy." The entire cast (minus Chevy) and Dan Harmon will be there. It's happening Monday, May 18 at 2 PM PT (5 PM ET) on Community's YouTube channel. Post Q's here: https://twitter.com/CommunityTV/status/1258546721665081344

Is this a metaphor? Or am I reading too much into it? :)

In episode 8 of S6, "Intro To Recycled Cinema" there's a part where Annie reaches into her shirt in the film they create (to make money for the college out of Chang's sudden stardom) and Jeff takes a good peak in there, lol. Later she improvises an "I love you?" to Jeff and he replies with "I love you" and pulls her to him until Britta reminds him that in the film Annie is his daughter, that he said she was his daughter.
Later, Abed and Jeff have this convo:

Jeff: "Every singly one of you is going to leave here except from me. Troy, Shirley, Annie's going to be president, even Pierce got to die... I finally know in my heart that I am literally going to be the last one of us here."
Abed: "You helped me learn something about film making that I think we all need to apply to life. It's ok to plan some stuff and it's ok to figure out what we did wrong, but our plans are randomly going to fall apart and our lessons are randomly going to be wrong, but if we keep the cameras rolling and shoot a lot of crap, eventually Annie is going to reach down her shirt and pull out a laser bomb. I didn't write that, we didn't plan that. God made that happen. God made this move, and it's dumb and we're dumb for being in it. Life is a big dumb pointless movie with no story...but somewhere in there, every once in a while..."
Jeff: "Annie reaches down her shirt."

So - I might be reading way too much into this rather silly episode, but I thought there's a layer here that shows once again that Jeff still continues to try and push Annie into the 'daugher'/'sister' compartment but he fails, time and again, as we know. Also - That convo with Abed describes Jeff's life well - he made mistakes, he didn't plan how things in his life turned out, and he has to live through all the crap,  and his life might be dumb, pointless, and with no story, but every once in a while...Annie reaches down her shirt. And to him - Annie (forget the reaching down her shirt now) - is the good part, the surprising element, the saving grace in his life that is otherwise not what he planned.

Stop Motion Christmas

Just watched the stop motion Christmas special in season 2 for the first time (could not get past the visuals my first way through) and it was kind of worth the 20 minutes of uncomfortable uncanny valley just to see Annie and Jeff indirectly say they love each other at the end song. 

It kind of got my imagination running wild. There was a fanfic I read a while ago which had Jeff and Annie celebrating the holidays throughout the years. That  got me thinking and I have decided, based solely on the episode I just watched, the season 4 Christmas episode where Annie is far too familiar with his apartment, and the season 4 episode where Jeff and Annie plan to go on a ski trip, that Jeff and Annie had a whole side we never saw.

This is a little bit just for my own indulgence, but I think that they ended up having a lot of adventures we never saw, acting as friends who clearly liked each other. I can imagine them going on friend dates, like going on hikes since they live in Colorado, running errands together, or even stuff like getting each other thoughtful gifts for Christmas and birthdays.

I know its kind of a stretch but it makes me happy thinking about it. I would love to hear if any of you guys have any thoughts on this, so please share!

A Small Rant

I know this community (haha) isn't super active right now and that I'll probably just be screaming this into the void, but I kinda need that tbh. I was very let down (as I know pretty much all of us were) with the "end" of Jeff and Annie's relationship. I kinda binged watched half of the show in one day so that I could see a happy ending because I haven't been having any in my life. And, I kinda got a little too invested in some fictional characters because I really wanted them to end up together so that I could have some satisfaction and enjoy some love even if it isn't my own. I really loved the chemistry between the two characters and they really seemed to match! I was in there corner since the debate episode before they even kissed! I saw some of myself in both of them, and I really wanted them to be together! It just felt like another let down for me.
That's it, that's my short rant. If there is somebody still here that wants to help, I'll pass on the fanfics; I don't, personally, like them in general all that much. Advice or alternative interpretations are welcome though!

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

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