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Jeff/Annie Shipping Community
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A shipping community for Jeff and Annie from the show, Community
Milady / Milord

This community is dedicated to the pairing of Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) and Annie Edison (Alison Brie) from the NBC/Yahoo!Screen comedy, Community, which ran from 2009-2015. Here you'll find fanfiction, discussion, video clips, fanvids, art (icons, headers, wallpapers, etc.). Look around, join the fun, and enjoy!

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Rules & Guidelines

01. No bashing of other characters or pairings.
02. PLAY NICE: No flaming of fellow members. Keep your interactions polite and respectful.
03. GRAMMAR: Please capitalize sentences and proper pronouns, and end your sentences with periods. Netspeak is acceptable, but not always readable, so use it in moderation. Paragraph breaks (especially in fan fiction) are your friends.
04. TAGS: Please use tags on every entry you post! If you need an author/artist tag, or you do not know what tags your entry should have, leave a comment on the Page-A-Mod entry or contact a mod for advice before posting.
05. INTROS: We have an official M&M "Hello, My Name Is ..." introduction post that can be found here. Please use/peruse it if you’re new! We prefer that introductions take place there, and not in separate entries to the community.
06. SPOILERS: All spoilers must be placed behind an lj-cut. Anything at all from the newest episode aired will be considered a spoiler for 24 hours after the latest US airtime for that episode. If you have any doubt at all of what constitutes a spoiler, place it behind a cut. Entries which contain spoilers that are not behind a cut will be immediately deleted.
07. LJ-CUTS:
-- Put any large amount of text behind a cut.
-- If posting multiple pictures, place them behind a cut.
-- If posting a large picture, place it behind a cut.
-- If posting more than 3 icons, place them behind a cut (or link us to them).
-- Please place all fanart and fanfic behind a cut.
08. FANART: All fanart must contain a rating.
09. FANFIC: When posting fanfiction, include Title, Author, Summary, Spoilers, Rating/Warnings, Word Count, and Disclaimers. If it's a multi-chapter story, provide links to previous chapters. Or copy the coding below:

10. FIC PROMPTS: All fic prompts must be posted in the Ficcy Friday posts. This is at the request of members, in order to consolidate fic prompts in one place. Ficcy Friday posts will be posted by a mod every Friday, whether or not a new episode has aired. If the post appears to be late or missing, feel free to use Page-A-Mod to alert the mods.
11. ARTICLE POSTING GUIDELINES: When posting articles, post at least an excerpt and not just a url to the article so that members know what your post is about. Cite all sources as well by providing a link to the source.
12. FILE HOSTING: Images and videos should be hosted at free, legal websites and posted to the community by the user who uploaded them when possible.
13. DOWNLOADS: Illegal episode download links should not be requested or posted in any part of this community. That’s what PMs and Twitter are for! ;)
14. PROMOTIONS: If you want to pimp your community, you are welcome to promote it one time as long as it relates to Community, Jeff or Annie, Joel McHale or Alison Brie.
15. Opinion posts and discussions are more than welcome, but the mods reserve the right to delete posts that are too inflammatory about other characters and ships. If the post itself or the comments attached to it are deemed as flaming or bashing, it will be deleted. We want to keep this a friendly place where the fiercest of shippers and multi-shippers can feel welcome without fear of being attacked. Please remember that when you post your opinion, you open yourself up to a large spectrum of reactions; consider that not everyone will agree with you before you post in order to prevent hurt feelings. New episode discussions will be hosted by the mods.

Search the Community's Entries

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Contact Us

If you have a question, suggestion, or issue, please feel free to Page-a-Mod, or contact any of the moderators via PM:

pinkbutterflies | PM
oneofthemuses | PM


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